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Derek Watkins, an accomplished contemporary portrait painter, was born in London, England, in the year 1957. Presently residing in Southsea, England, Derek has earned a reputation for his innovative prowess within the realm of art. His primary artistic focus centres on the portrayal of iconic music, film, and sporting legends, delving into the intricate interplay between their external facades and internal vulnerabilities. Renowned for his deft utilisation of acrylic paintings, Derek has developed a unique technique characterised by the delicate layering of vibrant hues, notably employing shades of purple, mint green, and blue, thus creating a contemporary modern imagery that skilfully captures the essence of expressive human features.

Derek's oeuvre is defined by a steadfast commitment to the exploration of human frailty, particularly evident in his treatment of famed music and film personalities. His subject matter probes deeply into the dynamic between the public personas these celebrities cultivate and the underlying fragility, suffering, and addictions they grapple with privately. Through meticulous brushwork and a nuanced understanding of his subjects, Derek unveils a narrative that transcends mere celebrity and delves into the universal aspects of human existence. His works resonate with an empathetic audience, prompting introspection into the nature of fame, adulation, and the complex interplay of strength and vulnerability within the human psyche.


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Derek's artistic journey has been punctuated by numerous accomplishments and recognitions, with his work showcased in prestigious exhibitions around the world. Notably, his creations took centre stage at the 2023 Sizzle Summer Exhibition hosted by the Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport, England. Additionally, his talent garnered attention at the Surrey Art Fair held in Esher, England, and the Windsor Art Fair situated in the historic Royal Windsor, England. Beyond these exhibitions, Derek's captivating pieces have found their rightful place within the private collections of art enthusiasts from both national and international spheres. Thus, Derek Watkins stands as an artist whose profound exploration of the human condition through his unique visual language has secured his indelible mark in the contemporary art landscape.




  • LONDON OPEN ART EXHIBITION  - Holy Open Gallery London 8-17 March 2024

  • ART SUSSEX - Goodwood Racecourse - 10-12 May 2024

  • Bath Art Fair - Bath Pavillion - 13-15 September

  • ART SURREY -  Epsom Racecourse - 4-6 October 2024

  • Portsmouth Open Studios - 25-27 October

  • Long Listed for the Visual Artists Association Artist of the Year


  • PORTRAITS Exhibition - Gallery Omnibus - Dresden Germany 15 December - 15 January 2024

  • WINDSOR ART FAIR - Royal Windsor Racecourse, Windsor  - 24 -26 November

  • FALLBACK AUTUMN EXHIBITION - Yellow Edge Gallery, Gosport 13 - 22 October 

  • SURREY ART FAIR - Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher - 22-24 September

  • SIZZLE SUMMER EXHIBITION - Yellow Edge Gallery, Gosport 7 - 23 July

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