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Derek's portrait paintings are produced in collections, each with their own unique style and theme. Derek's art ebbs and flows over time in synchronisation with his emotions and influences. 


The Hues of Fame collection started in early 2023. Derek is drawn to these inspirational  legends and the amazing impact that they have made on thousands of individuals around the globe. The Hues of Fame art reflects a different perspective from what you would have typically been exposed to in the past. 

Dive into my 'Echoes of Stardom' collection of contemporary work celebrating iconic figures from music, film, sport, art, and fashion. Each painting, the blank gaps in my work are representative of the hidden secrets that the stars choose not to reveal leaving intrigue. Rendered in captivating shades of purple, turquoise and blue acrylic inks and acrylics,  creating a visual symphony of enigmatic allure 

In my late 2022 and 2023 collection, "Emovere," I delve into the essence of human emotion, fragility, and vulnerability. Each piece portrays everyday characters, capturing the depth of their feelings. Using a contemporary style with vibrant shades of mint green and purple acrylics, the artworks resonate with the raw beauty of our shared emotional experiences.

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