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A commission is a true collaboration between you as the client and myself as the artist. It reflects not only my style and observations, but also your preferences and personality as the client.

The Process

We start with an initial discussion regarding the subject, size, style, pose and budget. This will form the initial brief.

Due to the practicalities of client location much of my work is completed from photographic references. It's therefore important that we choose the right photograph as this forms the foundation from which the art work is produced. There are no hard and fast rules however it's about capturing the character of the subject. 


Once we have the brief agreed and choice of photograph selected a simple agreement will be drawn up detailing the cost, size, style, payment schedule and deadlines to ensure that you are happy will all aspects before work begins.

How long will my portrait take?

From the signed agreement allow 4 - 8 weeks for the completion of the painting, depending on size, complexity and availability.


Starting from £1,200 for a 60cm x 60cm portrait framed in a modern contemporary style

Baby Faced Assassin.jpg

Steph Curry - Commissioned by a London Collector and big Golden State Warriors fan.


Thanks for submitting!

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